Comment Of The Day: Tear Forms In Anna Wintour's Eye, Promptly Turns To Ice

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Today in Rag Trade, Daphne Guinness let us know she's no fan of stylists and we heard a charming tale from Community star Donald Glover about trying to repress farts in the presence of Anna Wintour and Tavi Gevinson.


NomNom83 responded:

A telltale sign we're not meant to be friends: You pooh-poohing "celebrity stylists" and those who use them like they're this annoying affront to hard work and somehow cheating with fashion, meanwhile, you're an heiress who gets loads of exclusives from your designer buds. It's not like I'm a Rachel Zoe, fan, either, but Daphne always reeks of spoiled snob to me.

I love Donald Glover. Perhaps he should have taken Danny Pudi with him and they could have done Troy and Abed in the Morning with Tavi Gevinson as their guest. Perhaps the last vestiges of human emotion in Anna's cold, icey heart would have stirred to see the fun they were all having and the world's smallest tear would have formed in the corner of one eye before she wiped it off and reminded herself that she's left that all behind her long, long ago to serve a greater good, where she can't just have fun whenever and wherever. No, she has a duty to fulfill, one that too many rely on for their livelihood. She would focus on the catwalk and, like Poseidon ruling the sea, set about once again directing the currents of fashion.

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