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Comment of the Day: Team Quvenzhané

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When octochicken1 wrote "Am I the only one who saw this and was disgusted? I immediately decided I didn't want her to win because I don't want her to get any more full of herself than she seemed right there," about a NINE YEAR OLD GIRL, tiredfairy expertly responded:

I seriously hope you're the only one, because I can't even count the ways it's monumentally messed up to see a little black girl smiling, confident, and doing the signature move of her character because she was nominated for the highest award in her field at the age of being "full of herself". In all sincerity: what is WRONG with you? Whatever bitterness made you type that, you should work on. Now.


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I found the comment by tiredfairy to be utterly brilliant tbh. Like, we admonish actual children for being "obnoxious" (but in actuality, she's just being a kid who's excited, happy, and confident) but we let adults slide when they are actually obnoxious because "oh she's only 22 and we're all self-obsessed and obnoxious at that age"? Um? Do y'all hear yourselves? Think about that shit long and hard and please get back to me when you find the logic. Don't worry, I'll wait......