Illustration for article titled Comment of the Day: ‘Sentimentality Is a Superstructure Covering Brutality’

Mamie made good use of Carl Jung (presumably Carl Jung as portrayed by Michael Fassbender) to explore the darkest mysteries of the "cult of the embryo":

Carl Jung had it right: "Sentimentality is a superstructure covering brutality." The right's incredible sentimentalization of the unborn—all that organized weeping and wailing over all those wee little perfect babies who must be protected at all costs—has grown over the decades in direct proportion to their utter viciousness toward the post-born, including the methodical slashing of funds and programs that feed, clothe, shelter, medicate and educate needy humans once they've left the sacred womb.

At some level, their cult of the embryo really is, I suspect, intended to hide their soulless and bloody-minded brutality from themselves as much as from the rest of us, kind of the way someone like Larry Craig sweatily and zealously votes for legislation that upholds the sanctity of heterosexual marriage.


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