Comment of the Day: Lava Balls Are Pretty Uncomfortable

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As someone who wears balls on the regular, I can tell you that they're weird, and sometimes so uncomfortable that I'm tempted to agree with my grade school classmate who wondered out loud one day on the bus, "Why can't balls just have a little skull around them or something?" Well, for starters, that would exacerbate the very real problem of dudes sitting with their legs so far apart that they encroach on their neighbors' sitting space, and, besides, as chritter is a nonfictional feminist catfish correctly notes, some balls are made of lava and would therefore probably just burn right through a little ball skull and go a'tumblin' like hot coals all over the subway car/airplane cabin/city bus:

I'm going to crib one of Tscheese's old lines and point out that it's not that their dicks are so big, it's that their balls are made of LAVA.

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chritter is a nocturnal feminist mancatfish

Five years of commenting here and never getting a COTD and all I had to do all along was steal Tscheese's material from three years ago?

Hey, it's ugly, but I'll take it. Prepare for far more comments about bacon and Zac Efron!