Comment of the Day: Healthcare, Hilariously

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Bullette is extremely annoyed at all us humans using the healthcare that's meant for HEALTHY HEALTH robots:

It's called the HEALTH care system not the SICK care system. Kick out all the fatties, the old people, the cancer patients (what's more unhealthy than cancer? Nothing.), the premies, the addicts, and the people with bizarre gastro problems (gross, amirite?).

As someone who only eats organic lentils and drinks cashew milk maybe I could get a doctor's appointment much easier if we didn't have all these sickies around. And let's face it all my doctor does is congratulate me on how healthy I am as we talk smack about people who can't run 150 miles a day. He knows that if I ever break a bone while running I'll have to be put down so we enjoy the time we have left together.

I understand the pain my sister went through when she had to euthanize her kid with food allergies, and I did feel sadness when she then had to be killed because her life choice of getting pregnant to replace her defective child would raise my health insurance premium by .13 cents. I'm not a monster, I just don't want to pay for your penis pills or prosthetic limbs.

HPV? Don't be such a slut. MS? Don't have such a fucked up brain system. And mental health, what a joke. I'll take my chances with getting shot at the mall. If you didn't want PTSD you shouldn't have volunteered to serve in the military. If you didn't want to have an abortion why did you let your father rape you, idiot.

Every choice you make should always be made by first keeping in mind how it will inconvenience others. That's what makes America great. Now if you'll excuse me I have to break into my neighbor's house and check the SPF in her moisturizer. God help her if I find anything less than full spectrum protection.


Lol for five minutes @ "God help her if I find anything less than full spectrum protection."

And, seriously, premies? Get it together.

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The way the internet is going, soon no-one will even remember the word 'than'.