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Comment of the Day: Grump-a-Rump

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Mrs. Who wins it today, because she brought the snickers (as in laughing, not the candy bar) (I WISH) with:

Completely a grump day. I almost went Office Space on our outdated fax machine a few minutes ago.


Here's hoping everyone can bust some machinery today, even if that means just force quitting all your applications. DO IT.

Also, everyone! Announcement! Please don't forget to submit COTD nominations by pasting the URL of your favorite daily quips on the COTD page. Yes, it says the exact same thing below, but we wanted to phone it home because we need help capturing all the commenting greatness. NO COTD LEFT BEHIND.


Submit nominations to the Comment of the Day tag page. Click on the comment's time stamp, and post the comment's URL to the forum. (Replying to a comment with "#cotd" does not work; you need to go to the forum.) For meetups, use the meetup forum!

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My dear, sweet brother Numsie!

MMMMM, yeah. I'm gonna have to ask you to go ahead and come in Saturday....