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Comment of the Day: Fuck, I’m in My 30s

Illustration for article titled Comment of the Day: Fuck, I’m in My 30s

Schweeps has showed us that there can be a whole series of aged-themed tumblrs, which would no doubt culminate with "Fuck, I'm in my 100s and all my friends are dead."


What would be on the tumblr "Fuck I'm In My 30s"?

Navel gazing was fun back when you had taut, youthful belly button, but now it looks suspiciously like a bagel - - which I haven't had in 6 years.


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Inigo Montoya

I don't know what you all are talking about. My 30s rocked. I wasn't as worried about accomplishing career goals. I had a solid group of friends. I had a real job and health benefits. And I was confident enough in bed to be like "erm, you're not done yet."

Then in my 40s, all my friends got married and disappeared. Many lost their jobs and are now doing something just to get the paycheck. And all the guys my age want to date 20 year olds.

So, enjoy the 30s!