Comment of the Day: Eff You, Mitt

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Yesterday we discussed Mitt Romney's lady problems, which prompted DomesticDork to deliver this brilliant summation of the problem that she's having with dear old Mittens.


He's just following the Mormon pattern. When disenfranchising women, defer to them for stuff of no real consequence that has no real influence over the men. OH sure...women can lead in the church...but only lead children and other women (they're not even in a position of leadership over boys over the age of twelve). "Yeah, yeah" they say...we care about women and they're equal (but different) from us. They have the all important job of motherhood. That's what's really important. Pick a few women who are absolutely devoted the party line to lead all the other women. That way they keep each other in line and we men can worry about the actual governing!

He's applying that same mindset politically. Defer to one women, who he knows will say what he and his campaign advisers wants her to say, and just assume that all us other simply lady-folks will buy it gladly because it's coming out of the mouth of another lady-folk. Never mind that it's utter bull shit.

You know what I'm concerned about for myself and my daughter?

Getting a decent education. Having a say in what she does with her body and when. Getting to spend her life with the person she loves regardless of what genitalia is between that person's legs.

I don't, honestly, give a flying fuck about gas prices because as long as her health, her freedom, and her future are under attack from conservative, misogynist assholes like Mitt Romney, I don't have time to worry about how much I'm paying to drive to work.

So eff you Mitt. Eff you for being a liar. Eff you for having such crappy ideas about what's best for women. And eff you for thinking I'm dumb enough to drink your kool-aid just as long as another woman is serving it to me.

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