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Comment of the Day: Beware of Flying Gay Agenda Monkeys

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today we learned that female bonobo monkeys like to brag about it when they engage in lady-on-lady action. It seemed innocent enough, until octobunny opened our eyes to the fact that these unsuspecting monkeys are actually part of a larger liberal conspiracy:

What I want to know is, what have Liberal researchers been teaching these bonobos? Same-sex activity is not natural, and those bonobos learned it somewhere. Have the researchers also been giving the bonobos wings and stylish little red and gold outfits? Because if they are, it means only one thing.

Flying monkeys are being developed as an airborne component of the Gay Agenda Army.

The gays, unsatisfied with recruiting innocent American children in schools with pornographic sex education and with the liberal media helping by promoting gay acceptance, are training bonobos to be gay and to fly. This is so that they can use them to kidnap MORE children so they can raise MORE GAYS for their radical gay revolution. Do you want unChristian bonobos brainwashing your children?! IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING, PEOPLE.

(Rick Santorum 2012! The only candidate who pledges to end Flying Gay Agenda Monkeys!)

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