After seeing one chew on a shoelace, we were all about to rush out and get a baby snow monkey of our very own. Thankfully, didgeriwont was here to play the responsible parent:


Alright, sit down little Timmy and Tiffini...Now I know you are very excited about this right now, but remember the little cute snow monkey today will grow up into something that looks like Darth Maul sent through the dryer. And although you both promise you will walk him and play with him, we all know what happened to your Fijit Friends that I got you for Christmas. Yeah, you played with them for two days and now they are lost in some couch somewhere. I just want you both to know that owning a monkey is a lot of responsibility. ....No I meant it. Cry all you want Timmy, you aren't getting a snow monkey. That's final....Fine, maybe for your next birthday.

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