'Columbusing:' A Word For When White People Claim to Discover Things

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Whether it's America or twerking, there's no end to what white people will claim they discovered. Finally, there's a word for that! Behold, "Columbusing."


Courtesy of College Humor, this video pretty much nails it. Our own Kara Brown used a variation in her Jen Selter post a few months ago. "This is some Christopher Columbus shit," she wrote. (So maybe it was "Columbused" from her!) It really is the absolute perfect term to describe this bullshit.

I'm going to go Columbus some 80s rap music for a little while. Enjoy!


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Wow. I shall add this to my repertoire along with "Anglo-giver" which is a phrase I made up to replace "Indian-giver". One of my white friends got a bit pissed about it until I explained that historically it tended to be the Europeans who made promises and then reneged when those promises proved to be either costly or inconvenient.