Columbus Short Is Hosting a Scandal Premiere Party

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Columbus Short was an actor on the hit television show Scandal.

Earlier this year, Columbus Short was charged with criminal domestic violences, child abuse, was hit with a restraining order by his soon to be ex-wife and was involved in more than one bloody bar fight. Let's just say that he went through some shit.

Because Shonda Rhimes don't play no games, she and ABC had the exact opposite response of the NFL and Short was quickly dropped from the show.


I don't know what he's been up to since then, but I do know that homeboy probably has some bills to pay, which I will go ahead and assume is the number one motivator behind this:


For all you Scandal fans in Atlanta, Columbus Short will be hosting a premiere party because, it's a check.


I mean, I get it. But sir, SIR, this is not a good look. Also, if he's going to do something like this, he better be bringing something extra to the table. If I'm attending this event, I want him dishing behind the scenes gossip or a spoiler or two from this season that Jeremy from craft services threw his way. At the very least, I want a glimpse of Kerry Washington's baby, because OMG when are we going to get to see that baby???


Or perhaps he missed the memo that he's no longer on the show and just thinks that Harrison is going to be hiding for the entire season as he waits for Mama Pope to get out of that hole so they can team up and take down Pope & Associates. Or something like that.

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