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Columbia Rape Victim/Performance Artist Has Marina Abramovic's Support

Illustration for article titled Columbia Rape Victim/Performance Artist Has Marina Abramovics Support

Columbia art student Emma Sulkowicz, who, as her senior thesis project, has been carrying the mattress she was sexually assaulted on to all of her classes until her rapist leaves school, has gained the support of Marina Abramovic, one of the most prolific artists working today.

Abramovic, whose recent projects include her "The Artist Is Present" retrospective at the MOMA and dancing with Jay Z in "Picasso Baby," told The Cut that she plans on meeting with Sulkowitz next week.


Rachel Corbett reports:

Marina Abramovic is impressed with Emma Sulkowicz...

"I really want to meet her," Abramovic said at last night's after-party for her new show, "Generator," at Sean Kelly Gallery. "Many people don't have the willpower to stick to something no matter what, and that's what she's doing."


Great to see Sulkowicz get backing from the art community. If only she would have gotten similar support from the college administration that she reported her rape to.

Image via Getty.

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If only Marina Abrimovic would support other artists in general, instead of using her position as an art star to manipulate them into working for her for free.