Colorado Parents Are Losing Their Minds Over Pot-Laced Halloween Candy

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Colorado parents have figured out a whole new thing to get hysterically up-in-arms about this Halloween: the prospect of their kids bringing home weed-infused candy.


As numerous media outlets have reported, many parents across the state are worried about the potential for kids bringing home things like Hasheys, Buddafingers, Ring Pots, and 3 Rastateers.* Some parents (who are presumably not taking the state's legalization efforts well) are comparing it to the whole "razor-blades in apples" scare, which is funny for two reasons: 1) that rumor has never really been substantiated (the vast majority of tainted candy has been as a result of parents putting shit in it themselves rather than some stranger) and 2) weed-candy isn't exactly going to kill you.

Granted, the way marijuana edibles are constructed, they look almost identical to the candy they're parodying, but it should be pretty simple for parents to actually look through their kids' candy to spot the obviously non-standard labels, even if this is happening (which it probably isn't). Enough parents seem to be worried about this that the Denver Police Department actually had to put out guidelines just to reassure them. Also, hospitals, for some reason? Which...OK? We're not talking about heroin, here. While it's technically possible to overdose on cannabis, the amount you'd need to ingest would make rupturing your stomach a bigger issue.

GrubStreet brings up another good point, too: marijuana edibles aren't cheap, and who the hell would go to the trouble of buying them just to give them away to kids? Methinks this is parents looking for something to freak out about, which is weird, because when has that ever happened?

* Look, nobody ever said potheads were creative when it came to naming things. We should actually be impressed they didn't just call everything "Steve" before breaking into hysterical giggle fits.**

** I fully expect that footnote will cause a deluge of comments from angry potheads. One of the more surprising things I've learned in doing this job: potheads have no sense of humor about themselves. Go figure!

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I think Cracked put it well: "Police are warning parents that criminals are planning to hand out pot-laced candy on Halloween, because if there's one thing people love to do with their pot, it's give it away for free in a manner that will immediately attract law enforcement to their homes."