College Kids Are Judgmental Prudes, According to 'Hookup Culture' Study

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A new study on "hookup" culture, obviously the most pressing issue of our time, found that both men and women on college campuses "lose respect" for people who sleep around. That's right, we said people — researchers found that students of both sexes were looked down upon for acting too slutty. Progress! (That's sarcasm. Real progress would be not judging anyone based on what they choose to do with their genitals. But, you know, baby steps.)

Predictably, students at varsity sports-obsessed colleges with heavy Greek culture were still more likely to think women should keep it in their pants, except for sorority sisters, who actually judge men for hooking up more than women. "We think this points to the fact that the Greek culture on some campuses is characterized by adversarial gender relationships," said study co-author Rachel Allison. "Women in sororities are more likely to be socially connected to each other as opposed to Greek men." Sounds healthy.

Allison said the most significant takeaway from her research was that "people aren't hooking up as much as you think," and that most students "have negative and ambivalent attitudes toward the peers who hook up often." Maybe all these Judgey McJudgersons should focus more on their studies and less on slut-shaming their classmates.


College peers lose respect for those who 'hook up' too often [Los Angeles Times]

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I think this is pretty normal. College is an extension of high school - especially in the early years of college when you are living in dorms and it's this tiny little incestuous community. The thing is - people calm the fuck down by the time they are in their early 20's and get less judgey about hookups.

Hey, I say - as long as you aren't in a relationship, are getting regularly tested, and are using protection - go on with your bad self.