College Candidates Slammed For Campaign "Glamour Shots"

Two candidates for student body office at Concordia University stand accused of looking "like beauty pageant contestants" in their ads. But that doesn't really seem to be the problem, as far as we can tell. It looks more like these ladies have made the mistake of campaigning while female.

Writing in The Concordian, Kelsey Pudloski criticizes several candidates for positions with the university's Arts and Science Federation of Associations:

If you pass by a bulletin board in any Concordia academic building, you will likely find it congested with the over-sized, smiling faces of the ASFA candidates. I'm wondering — are these individuals running for student government positions or the chance to don a sparkly crown and sash?


She adds, "Every candidate's picture is several times larger than the text stating his or her campaign platform - none of which appear to be particularly innovative or realistic. [...] Maybe the candidates figured if they tilt their head back a little or wear a V-neck T-shirt their ideas wouldn't have to amount to much." And: "All of these candidates are attractive people, but they are relying too heavily on glamour shots to win them the election."

Two of the "glamour shots" in question are below (click to enlarge) — and indeed, it appears that both Christina Gentile (whom Pudloski specifically names in the column) and Diana Sitoianu are wearing V-neck t-shirts in their photographs. They are also smiling. Clearly, this means they are shallow strumpets with no concern for the real issues at hand. I mean, just look at them!


In all seriousness, Gentile and Sitoianu look like they're dressed to go to class. The fact that their V-necks are grounds for a charge of looks obsession just illustrates how women can't win when it comes to dressing for — or even just being in — the public eye. I suppose the Concordia candidates could've donned nun's habits or baggy turtlenecks for their campaign photos, but then they'd likely be criticized for their frumpiness (as a more seasoned campaigner, Hillary Clinton, often was). And while their current photos do show them to be fresh-faced and conventionally attractive, it's not odd that they chose flattering pics — women who don't fit mainstream beauty standards come in for criticism both on campus and on Capitol Hill. The fact is, Gentile and Sitoianu are learning a lesson they'll have to carry with them through any future political endeavors — women are judged on their appearance, no matter what they look like.


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