College bisexuality not just a "phase"! It's an "identity," or so reports today's USA Today, on a study which tracked 79 New York college-aged women who identified as "non-heterosexual" for ten years starting in 1995. Even those who are married, knocked up by the rabbi's son, etc., report that "that pattern of non-exclusive desire is still there," says a sociologist. Well doesn't that just sound like something your best bisexual friend forever from 1995 would claim now that she and her husband have bought an apartment they're remodeling to make room for the twins? Because, you know, that's her identity. (Also: women are hot). (Also: why are all our bisexual friends married?) Anyway, a more interesting study will be the one ten years after the Tila Tequila generation of teen bisexuals first emerged. [USA Today]


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