College Basketball Coach Defends Schmaschmortion Rights, Incurs Wrath Of Church

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As a product of Catholic schools, I can tell you this much: if you work for one, you gotta play by the rules. If you have differences with the Church teachings on, say, the idea that premarital sex is a sin, or the idea that you are supposed to pretend like communion wafers are actually the flesh of Jesus Christ thanks to an invisible miracle performed by the priest who can perform said miracle only because he has a dick, you don't just go out and say it. Like my heretic Catholic teachers can explain, you have to infer; it's a "wink wink nudge here's five hundred bucks and a map to Planned Parenthood go NOW and by the way I'm gay" sort of thing. Anyway, Rick Majerus broke the code. A basketball coach at St. Louis University, he represents a nominally Catholic college. And maybe Rick thought that the fact that he'd taken a team to the Final Four and been profiled in Sports Illustrated bought him some sort of indulgences against retaliation for attending a HERITIC PRO-CHOICE HILLARY RALLY, but...

During an interview with KMOV-TV at Saturday's Clinton rally in suburban St. Louis, the first-year Billikens coach identified himself as a Catholic and called himself pro-choice. At first when asked for his views on abortion, he said he didn't want to "go there," but then said he is personally "pro-choice."


Oh noes!

So yesterday the St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke struck back:

"I'm concerned that a leader at a Catholic university made these comments. It can lead Catholics astray," Burke said by telephone as he attended March for Life anti-abortion events in Washington. "I just believe that it's of the essence for people to understand as a Catholic you just cannot hold these beliefs."

Oh sure, Ray, just use that old excuse again: he just doesn't believe abortion is murder because he's not actually a Catholic. But what if I told you he liked to whip out his dick around strapping younger men? Would you maybe rethink that position?

Cleric condemns coach's abortion remarks [AP]



I went to Catholic high school right outside of Boston, which makes it about 100x worse than a normal Catholic school, and I'm not Catholic. When a girl would get pregnant she would get 'sent away' which either meant she was sent to public school or sent to some Catholic home for young mothers thing they had set up. Shit. was. creepy.