Collectors Are Paying Up to $150 for 'Unicorn Pee' Nail Polish

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Alert! Alert! The New York Times, in its typically timely manner of trend reporting, has finally gotten hip to the intense online world of nail polish enthusiasts. Next up: An illuminating article on women who constantly ask their friends if they should cut bangs.

The article, which focuses mostly on nail polish collectors, did have some exciting insights — mainly, that there are certain discontinued colors of nail polish that are selling for upwards of $15o on eBay. Among those is Clarins 230, a shade known among those in the nail polish community as "unicorn pee," not because of its color, but because if its rarity.

From the Times:

Clarins 230, a shade discontinued in 2008 that regularly goes for more than $150 on eBay and is so elusive it is referred to online as "unicorn pee." The shimmery color, often called "a rainbow in a bottle," blooms from burgundy to green to gold to orange.


A photo of nails drenched in this unicorn urine nail polish is viewable on the original article. It is indeed very pretty, though, honestly, $150 for a bottle of nail polish feels a little outrageous, especially if you — like me — still feel angry forking over $8 for a bottle of Essie.

Now, because I need ENTERTAINMENT, please take this opportunity to tell me 1.) your favorite polish color and 2.) what color you're wearing now in the comments. Thank you in advance for the wonderful distraction.

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All winter I've been into shades that seem black at first glance, but are not actually black. Right now I'm wearing a really good example, Essie "Stylenomics"...a really dark green creme. Matte top coat. (A googled photo below, my cuticles are not quite that nice.)