Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch Eyed for True Detective Season 2

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So much for giving this upcoming season to the women. True Detective season 2 is becoming Colin Farrell's Emmy campaign.


According to The Wrap, this is why producers are pursuing Farrell: "Insiders tell TheWrap that HBO was intent on landing a true movie star, someone who could play rugged and gritty, and they've done just that with Farrell, who is nearing a deal for the series' older male lead." This comes on the heels of the news that season 2 is supposed to have four leads. Out of that, presumably, the main focus will be on Farrell's character.

As for the other three major characters, producers are also negotiating with Kitsch after his strong performance in The Normal Heart. Good to see Tim Riggins possibly bouncing back from the Summer of 2012, when all of his would-be blockbusters tanked.


Of course, I'm reserving judgment, and I loved the first season of True Detective with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. But I'm still skeptical of this show becoming Male Movie Stars Slumming It.

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Gonzo the Something

oh, please let Brendon G have a cameo!