Colbert Thinks Hot Felon's Handsome Face Could Fix the Prison System

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It's been less than a week since the mugshot of Jeremy Meeks took the internet by storm and already he's causing major prison reform. "1 out of every 18 men in this country is incarcerated," observes Stephen Colbert. "And when you look at all the young lives trapped in a cycle of poverty, violence and imprisonment, you start to realize maybe it's because they're total uggos."


True enough. Few other prisoners (including the ones who are wrongfully incarcerated) have received an outpour of support comparable to what Meeks has experienced.

As Colbert points out, "Look at the tragic less-than hotness of the men Meeks was arrested with. Sorry, but no ones starting a Facebook page titled 'Free These Guys: They've Got a Great Sense of Humor."


Colbert's solution? Rather than fix the broken prison system, give all the prisoners makeovers. Gotta make horny Americans care somehow, right?

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Wait. One out of every eighteen men in the U.S. is incarcerated? Is this accurate?