Colbert Perfectly Calls Out Conservatives' Hypocrisy on Child Refugees

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Conservative pundits are very concerned about the well-being of child refugees who are fleeing to the U.S. borders from Central America in droves right now. Why, they say, will no one think of the children during these times of crisis? At least the heroes of the right are considering these poor kids...mostly by clamoring for their deportation and complaining about the cost of their barely humane treatment while on U.S. soil.

"Remember the old saying: 'If you love something let it go,'" Stephen Colbert defended on last night's Report. "And if that doesn't work, send heavily armed troops to scare it away."

Colbert went on to discuss Obama's recent deportation of 38 women and children back to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, AZ Republican congressional candidate Adam Kwazman mistaking a bus of YMCA campers for a bus of refugees, and the federal government's plan to house the actual child refugees in an all-too hifalutin (and roach infested) hotel in Weslaco, Texas.


How dare we let these young children stay in a semi-safe environment that's barely being used otherwise? As it says on the Statue of Liberty, ""Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free/Tell them they're not good enough for America's worst reviewed resorts/And send them back to their violent homelands."

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I believe we're framing this all wrong. To appeal to Republicans, we should stop calling them "child refugees" and start referring to them as "post-term fetuses fleeing countries with insufficient abortion clinic laws and regulations."