Colbert Expertly Blasts the Right's Fixation on Hillary Clinton's Age

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In their latest attempt to bring down potential Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, many Fox News conservatives have become fixated on Clinton's age, wondering aloud whether or not a 69-year-old woman could handle being president.

The argument is steeped in sexism, obviously — right-wing Jabba the Hutt Rush Limbaugh recently posted a less than flattering photo of Clinton on his website and asked whether or not anyone would vote for her based on looks. Conveniently, everyone bashing Clinton for her age seems to be forgetting that John McCain was 72 when he ran against President Obama in 2008 and that Republican presidential hero Ronald Reagan was also 69 at the time of his swearing in. But, oh, well. Hillary Clinton is a LADY so surely that means something different, right? Right! Head back to Miami with Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia, you useless old bag!

Despite all of that reasonable criticism, it seems like a shame for conservatives to fall back on the old age argument — especially when they have so many great presidential candidates of their own to endorse. You don't have to take my word for it. Take Stephen Colbert's instead!


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I love love love Hilary and I plan to vote for her. But, McCain was clearly way, way to old to be running for President. He just seemed old all the time. I would have loved for her to have won in 2008 and for us to have Obama now.