Colbert Brings Don't Ask Don't Tell Debate, Major Balls, To American Troops

Stephen Colbert, performing in front of a live, all-military audience this week, obviously knows that he has to go big, or go home.

Well, last night, he chose the former, debating himself on the relative "merits" of Don't Ask Don't Tell, and plowing through even when the laughter subsided somewhat and the situation began to feel uncomfortable. It was pretty amazing to see a comedian at a USO show in a former palace of Saddam Hussein in front of hundreds of active duty military personnel — the very personnel proponents of Don't Ask Don't Tell claim require it for cohesiveness (which is code for their lives and those of their comrades) — openly mock the military's stance on the LGBT members some of those soldiers undoubtedly know serve among them.

In the segment, the pro-Don't Ask, Don't Tell Colbert proclaims the issue is a problem to be fixed in Washington and then migrates to the argument that it's about military cohesiveness and those who haven't served shouldn't get involved. I guess that explains why Barack Obama hasn't gotten involved in it yet?

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