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Coke Is It

Illustration for article titled Coke Is It

Snaps to Sisley! While some might be, oh, offended by the apparel company's new ad featuring models doing lines (Of coke? A white dress? Coke on a white dress?) we say, more power to 'em! After all: Models + Cocaine = Big Money. Just look at Kate Moss!


Fab Ad? Sisley Fashion Junkie, 1 [FabSugar]

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Sisley's okay, but I hear it really stings the nose after a while.

And didn't Donatella do a pair of shoes with hollowed-out heels to hide her stash? That's what I really want to see in one of these ads... some hot bitch looking all hotbitchy while a hot-but-groveling male snorts rails out of the underside of her shoe.

Digital camera, meet otherwise-boring Thursday night.