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In case you missed it: this weekend, Young Lee, a cofounder of Pinkberry, was convicted of beating a homeless man in 2011. When even yogurt millionaires turn out to be bad people, who are we as ladies supposed to trust? Et tu, Yoplait?


According to the Los Angeles Times, the incident with Young began when an LA panhandler flashed his tattoo of two stick figures having sex at a car carrying Young and his fiancee. Young later returned to the scene and beat the homeless guy up with a tire iron, because MANHOOD. The jury deliberated for less than two days before finding him guilty. He faces up to 7 years in prison, where he'll, in all likelihood, be hanging out with people less vulnerable to tire iron beatings.

Lee no longer has anything to do with Pinkberry except wear a bowtie that, for some reason, seems kind of in line with the company's enduring brand.



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