Coffee, Tea & Pee: Female Incontinence Can Be A Laughing Matter

Who among us has not laughed so hard she peed her pants a little? Well a new study published in the current edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that almost 25% of women will experience some sort of incontinence after the age of 20, with the levels of incontinence rising with age. According to Reuters, "childbirth, which can weaken pelvic floor muscles, is the most frequent cause" of incontinence. Lead study author Dr. Ingrid Nygaard of the University of Utah says, "We know many women leak urine once in a blue moon if they are doing strenuous exercise. That such a large number leaks on a regular basis was surprising to see." A Time article about the study says women might leak urine "when they…bounce on a trampoline or laugh extremely hard." (Time makes peeing yourself sound way more fun.)Another cause for frequent incontinence might be the amounts of water and caffeine that many women consume. Nygaard tells Time, "If you are on the verge of having leakage and you are drinking three or four times more water than you need, then you are going to urinate three or four more times than you need to." Pelvic Disorders Common Among Women: Study [Reuters]


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