Coach Taylor, Dream Husband, Joins Martin Scorsese's Newest Picture

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Kyle Chandler, he of Friday Night Lights and eyes the color of honey, is the newest addition to Martin Scorsese's upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street where he's been cast as an FBI agent looking to take down a corrupt stock broker played by Scorsese muse Leonardo DiCaprio.

Sorry, 5th grade version of me. I'll root for Coach Taylor over Jack Dawson any day of the week.

P.S. Hubba hubba! Awooooooga!

Kyle Chandler Joins The Wolf of Wall Street [Vulture]

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! This man can act circles around half of Hollywood without saying a word. I finished FNL a few weeks ago and cried (not my normal, every-episode-crying - crying because a life without Coach and Tami Taylor still feels wrong).

Coach confuses me. I am extremely attracted to him, and yet I respect his union with Tami like no other fictional marriage. I think my ultimate conclusion is that Coach and Tami can be my substitute parental figures, and yet I can still wish to bang Kyle Chandler. With all respect due to his real-life family. And be besties with Tami, when she's not being my mom. CONFUSING.

Also, Riggins Forever.