CNN's Soledad O'Brien Totally Pwns Romney Surrogate

Maybe this clip spoke to me because I spent several years of my early adult life surrounded by shouty older dudes who thought that by talking more loudly than me, they could shut me up. But Soledad O'Brien's calm, measured response to Romney Surrogate John Sununu, using facts and Romney's own quotes, is a cocklewarming sight to behold. Watch as Sununu gets madder and madder as O'Brien's confidence in knowing she's right shines like a beacon of smart lady awesomeness. It's a shame the clip ends before steam begins shooting out of his ears.

And you thought debates about Medicare cuts couldn't be interesting.

Update: Here's more Soledad O'Brien ass kickery, as she revisits the debate again today with some righteous fact checking.

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While we're on the subject, can we talk about how men in professional settings think its ok to keep on talking, raising their voice to a higher volume than the woman they're conversing with, hoping that the woman will shut up?

I feel like this might be a common experience from women and I'm never sure what the best tactic is for dealing with it.