CNN Uses 'Sexy Lady' Music to Introduce Catcalling Segment

Music beds: They're an art, not a science. On Thursday morning, CNN's New Day promoed their interview with Shoshanna Roberts, the woman in Hollaback's viral street harassment video, by using the part of "Gangnam Style" that includes the refrain "Ehhhhhhh sexy lady."

After the commercial break, when the interview was about to begin, New Day transitioned to a different song: "Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston. This prompted co-host Michaela Pereira to blurt out with slightly nervous laughter, "Okay, now I'm having issues with the songs we're picking for this segment!" She then added, "I do love that song."

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Kate Dries

Early on in the episode, they teased the interview with Aerosmith's "Walk This Way."