CNN Schools Us On The Concept Of Female Frenemies

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  • CNN the news network, known for its in-depth coverage of the Paris Hilton Goes To Prison Scandal, gets all deep in their exploration of "frenemies". Listen, sometimes really shallow girls turn on their friends over things like boys, and drugs, and fame. Is that so hard to understand? [CNN]
  • A professor at Harvard's Dental School says dentists should be at the forefront of combating domestic abuse, as the most common injuries are to the victims' head and neck areas. [Boston Globe]
  • Research supposedly shows that men who were born to overweight mothers have "poorer quality" sperm. In other words, KFed may LOOK cheap, but his spunk is actually quite expensive. [Daily Mail]
  • Black women are at a higher risk of developing the most deadly form of breast cancer and 77% are more likely to die of the disease than white women. Mother Nature is a fucking racist. [CBSNews]
  • Speaking of breast cancer, survivors of double mastectomies will bare all in an upcoming calendar. Normally we'd decorate our cube with a lovely Anne Geddes calendar or something, but this sounds like the kind of objectification we can get behind. [USA Today]
  • Duke Medical School has hired Dr. Nancy Andrews as the first woman to lead its prestigious medical school. The other medical schools in the Top Ten are all run by men. One small step for womankind... just another day on the job for man. [Breitbart]
  • A pair of friends may have worked together to commit over 20 rapes and upwards of 60 additional sexual assaults in Melbourne, Australia over the last decade. The assaults were dubbed "The Hot Chocolate Rapes" because the loathsome criminals slipped drugged their victims with roofie-laced hot drinks. Hopefully someone will be inspired by these two pigs and will give their disgusting willies a good scalding. []
  • There's been a huge crackdown on brothels across England, but law enforcement has also discovered that many of the UK's sex slaves have been auctioned off at pubs — this is why we go to wine bars. [Guardian]
  • Democratic NY Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney wants to establish a global women's rights office that will have the government advocating for women around the world. Fingers crossed that Bush actually signs off on that! [Ms. Magazine]
  • The Times of London erroniously labeled Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne anti-choice in its story about Amnesty International's new abortion stance, alienating some of its rock star supporters. Oh, and it also erroniously reported that Aguilera and Avril are, in fact, "rock stars". [The Times of London]

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Galaxy Girl

CAROLYN MALONEY IS MY REP!! God I love her... she gives me hope for politicians!

Every time I e-mail her one of those "Action alerts" I always get a letter back a week or two later detailing her position on the specific matter (and usually it aligns with mine, of course). I know it's just a letter from her staff, but that kind of response and attention to detail warms my heart and makes me feel more involved in politics. She is amazing! :)