Clumsy Graffiti Drone RUINS Kendall Jenner's SoHo Billboard

Early this Wednesday morning, KATSU, a graffiti artist, hacked into a drone to fuck up Kendall Jenner’s face on a giant Calvin Klein billboard in New York City. According to Wired, this is the first known incident of a drone being used for “a major act of public vandalism.”

The world cried out in pain. Those crude red scribbles might as well have been carved with a knife on the skin of mankind.


According to Wired:

KATSU himself seems to have been caught a little off guard by how powerful the drone has proven to be. “It’s a bit frightening.”


So frightening when the spirit of your dick flutters out to puke a few disjointed lines of spray paint on Kendall Jenner’s disapproving face. Experience it for yourself here, accompanied by some fierce atonal Mongolian death-shrieks:

Please send Kendall and the entire fashion industry your most positive vibes, and prayers for a more dexterously-graffiti’d future.


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