Clumsy Graffiti Drone RUINS Kendall Jenner's SoHo Billboard

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Early this Wednesday morning, KATSU, a graffiti artist, hacked into a drone to fuck up Kendall Jenner’s face on a giant Calvin Klein billboard in New York City. According to Wired, this is the first known incident of a drone being used for “a major act of public vandalism.”

The world cried out in pain. Those crude red scribbles might as well have been carved with a knife on the skin of mankind.


According to Wired:

KATSU himself seems to have been caught a little off guard by how powerful the drone has proven to be. “It’s a bit frightening.”

So frightening when the spirit of your dick flutters out to puke a few disjointed lines of spray paint on Kendall Jenner’s disapproving face. Experience it for yourself here, accompanied by some fierce atonal Mongolian death-shrieks:

Please send Kendall and the entire fashion industry your most positive vibes, and prayers for a more dexterously-graffiti’d future.


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I love how casually we’ve accepted drones into our lives. You know, those things you used to only see in sci-fi movies. The kind of thing that was last seen looking for the rebel base on Hoth and for it’s trouble getting blown up by Han Solo. Now we have these things flying around and it may as well just be as natural as a bird flying through the air.