Cloris Leachman Brings Her Brand Of Crazy To The View

Cloris Leachman was voted off Dancing with the Stars last night, and today she performed her final dance on The View with her partner Corky. The thing that's great about the "Cloris Controversy" is that everyone else takes this DWTS shit so seriously, but Cloris so obviously does not give a fuck. She used the platform as it was supposed to be used: to resuscitate a career, and she knew that at 82, she wouldn't physically win, so she had to ham it up. On the View today, she barely went through the motions of her dance, and was more interested in wandering around the stage and telling stories about making ABC executives say dirty words. Clip above.


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When I'm 82, I want to be exactly like Cloris Leachman.