Everyone loves a clitoris, right? Well, not really! Yesterday our favorite old-magazine-article blog Modern Mechanix posted a piece on 'the female penis' from a mid-1960s issue of the journal Sexology and sparked a mini-debate within the blog's community after one reader intimated that clitorises are immodest, indecent, and therefore un-Christian. (That reader won't be reading the blog anymore, she says!) Anyway, the article โ€” from January 1964 โ€” doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know (Clits get bigger when stimulated! They have cute hoods and like to draw back under them, "like a snail into its shell") except, um, maybe this:

Girls born with an enlarged and unslightly clitoris usually prefer to have it removed, for the sake of feminine appearance.

Uh, what the fuck??? We're aware that the 1960s weren't exactly known for tolerating freedom of expression or celebrating differences among, you know, blacks, gays, or women, but genital mutilation in the name of 'beauty'? We thought that was more 21st century!!!


The Female Penis (Jan. 1964) [ModernMechanix]
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