Clijsters Gets Revenge On Commentator's Pregnancy Questions

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Yet another reason Kim Clijsters is amazing: After commentator Todd Woodbridge rudely asked a friend about the state of Kim's uterus, she called him out during an interview, sharing his comment, "She looks really grumpy and her boobs are bigger!"

The New York Daily News reports Woodbridge sent the text to doubles champ Rennae Stubbs, who then showed it to Clijsters. Here's what she said during the on-camera interview after defeating Carla Suarez Navarro of Spain at the Australian Open:

It probably isn't the "end of his career," but hopefully this does mark the end of Woodbridge thinking he can practice gynecology from the sidelines.


Kim Clijsters Calls Out Todd Woodbridge For 'Grumpy, Big Boobs' Pregnant Text At Australian Open [N.Y. Daily News]

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In the words of Oprah "Think about whether you would want something plastered on the front page of the New York Times before you write it down. If you wouldn'tbe happy with that don't put it in writing.".

"Serves" you right Todd Woodbridge.

(What is it with guys names Todd? All the ones I've ever known have been the pits.)