Click For Love: A Personalized Romance Novel

If you've ever felt a burning, passionate desire to be whisked away by a handsome yet mysterious internet stranger named Trevor or Fabio or Captain McLonelyhearts, then I've got some pretty rockin' news for you! The folks at Book By You, a personalized book company, have released a title called Click for Love, a steamy tale of online romance that you can personalize by choosing the names of the characters in the novel. Click for Love is the story of two internet strangers who find themselves in a real world love affair that's more complicated than either one of them could have imagined.Here's where I have to call Shenanigans on Click for Love, however; even in the personalized book world, the female character is a chick-lit stereotype: she works in the world of high fashion. Of course she does! And what does her internet suitor do? He's a financial wiz, natch. Come on, Click for Love! Can't we personalize the character's jobs, too? If I had my way, this would be a tale of Hortense, professional circus clown with a heart of gold and a leg made out of pure chocolate, and her fair suitor, Christian Bale, who inexplicably chooses to wear his Batman costume to every date. Click For Love promises romantic hijinks with descriptors such as this: "With text messages gone hilariously astray, scheming rivals, well-meaning friends and hot trysts in tents and limos, will our heroine and hero untangle the web of love? Internet dating has never been so much fun!" I don't think any of this sounds like fun, at all, really, but it does sound like there's a potential for hilarity to ensue, depending on the names you choose. Attention friends and loved ones: you will be receiving your own personalized copy of "Click For Love" for Christmas. And maybe your birthdays. And probably just whenever I think you need a laugh or a good old fashioned sexy time tale of two lovers named Dr. Pepper and Pinwheel Cookie. Click For Love [BooksByYou] Your Very Own Romance Novel [Neatorama]

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Hortense Smith

How many people do you think buy this as a serious book?