Clearing Up "Rumors" Of RHOA's Apollo's Criminal History

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For a lawyer, Phaedra seems to have difficulty with basic facts and what constitutes a "white collar crime." After being questioned about the dubiousness her husband's past, she addressed the matters on last night's episode, which contradict our own research.


Phaedra maintains that her husband is "no different than Martha Stewart" and was convicted of a "non-violent, white collar crime." However, court records show that her husband Apollo Nida has quite a long criminal history that includes arrests under an assortment of fake names—Corey Lamont Thomas, William Spearman, Brandon Phillips—and birth dates for felony possession of a firearm, concealed weapons, motor vehicle theft, theft by receiving stolen property, and forgery, among things. He was also convicted of racketeering under the RICO act, which covers both blue and white collar crimes that can be classified as criminal organizations. In shore, he was a straight-up mobster.

Basically, he was "the numbers guy" in a car-theft ring, forging VIN decals and false documents of ownership. You can read more about his case in his appeal documents.

He was sentenced to 18 years, and began serving his sentence in July 2004. He was paroled in May 2009, shortly before his marriage to Phaedra in November 2009, which brings up another point of contention when it comes to Phaedra's understanding of facts: Dates.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens, the couple stated that there's a four-year age difference between them, yet went on to say that they first met in 1996, when Apollo was 17 and she was 24. That's seven years. What the hell?

Another issue, of course, was Phaedra's due date. Phaedra didn't like that Kim had been questioning the validity of her story that she was to be induced while only six or seven months along in her pregnancy because her baby was "too big." Kim claimed that she was qualified to speak on the matter because, before her turn as a reality star/recording artist, she was a registered nurse, which Phaedra did not believe. (More on that in a moment.)

It turned out that at the time of her delivery in July 2010, Phaedra was actually full term, as Kim (and everyone else) had suspected, meaning that she got pregnant shortly before her wedding on November 1, 2009. The implication was that she had fudged the date of her conception because she's from a very religious household, in which children conceived out of wedlock are frowned upon. The other Housewives didn't care about that at all, but rather, were annoyed that Phaedra was lying, or that she thought they were stupid enough to believe her. But, as my Aunt Alice always said, "Friends who count, don't."


Seriously, their ages, and whether or not their child was conceived before or after they were officially married is not even important. But it's interesting to note how easily and often they fib about stupid shit. It only makes them seem more apt to lie about much larger issues.

Oh, and as far as Kim being a registered nurse—she brought her documentation to Phaedra's "Sip 'n See" proving that she was, in fact, an LPN (licensed practical nurse). The difference? It takes a lot more schooling to become a registered nurse. Still, she was a nurse. But really, with as much talking-out-of-the-ass as these people all do, you could put a wig on a butt and it would be the same as having a conversation with them.



I go back and forth on this chick, Phaedra. On one hand, unlike the other chicks who are spending time gossiping about her (barring Kandi and Cynthia, of course), at least she has a thriving career. On the other hand, she's been double-speaking and backtracking so many times about the fact that she:

a. got pregnant before she tied the knot, thus making it a far bigger deal than it should've been in the first place

b. hooked up with a barely-legal tenderoni, despite the fact that he wasn't even out of high school yet and she was in law school (something that methinks she wouldn't have done if Apollo didn't pass that paper bag test)

thus making it hard for me to me to take her seriously as a grown woman.

On another note, I'm well over Kim and her overfamiliarity with Negroes. Between her calling that producer "nappy ass" and her treating Sweetie like her pet coon, I now understand why NeNe and Sheree got into her ass on a regular basis.