After Mitt Romney began shamelessly ganking the signature Friday Night Lights line "Clear eyes, full hearts, AMERICA, can't lose," the creator of the beloved Texas football drama wrote the campaign a letter asking them to stop plagiarizing him (truth be told, he should have also requested Romney stop being a dork. Inserting AMERICA into a phrase doesn't make it inspiring. Christ). And the Romney campaign responded by not only continuing to use the line, but slapping it on officially branded Romney merchandise and selling it. That's the opposite of what the writer of the show asked you guys to do!

This weekend, reporters at a few outlets noticed that Peter Berg's diplomatic but firm "Please knock it the fuck off" letter to Governor Romney went blithely ignored. In true bully form, Romney issued "CLEAR EYES" bracelets to campaign staffers before a flag football game this Saturday. And now, the bracelets are for sale on the candidate's website. For only $10, you, too, can express how inspired you are by wearing a slogan stolen from a show that has disavowed the guy who is now co-opting it like a snakey millionaire cartoon. Somewhere, a bald eagle is so moved that he's crying a star-shaped tear.

Mr. Berg, if I were you, I'd clear my schedule, lawyer up, AMERICA. Can't lose.

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