Much has been made about the frighteningly-emaciated appearance of today's high-fashion models and how much their BMIs differ from that of the women (Cindy, Linda, Naomi, etc). who made modeling the high-profile industry that it is today. We're not here to hash over whether Jessica Stam-skinny is that much scarier than Christy Turlington-skinny (we think the two are just about one dress-size apart, which, if the diet books we've read are correct, is a difference of only 10 pounds). But we would like to call attention to the fact that one of the '90s supermodels who epitomized healthy voluptuousness — Claudia Schiffer — has been getting thinner and thinner as she gets older. To wit, one picture from 1997, and another from yesterday.

Illustration for article titled Claudia Schiffer: Fashion Victim?

Schiffer has been out of the modeling game for a while now, preferring instead to focus her energies on being a mom to her two kids with British film producer Matthew Vaughn. So why does she suddenly resemble an older, Teutonic version of the starving Russian mannequins currently stomping down the runways? Is it the breast-feeding? Post-partum depression? A friendship with Rachel Zoe? We're just asking.



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