Classrooms Around the World Share One Thing in Common: Bored Students

School is laaaaaaaaame, isn't it? Of course education is important so children learn about the dinosaurs and don't grow up to really, honestly believe that every animal in the world can travel for forty days on the same cramped pleasure cruise ship captained by a 600-year-old amateur mariner. Such thinking is exactly how adults end up sharing their homes with menageries of exotic pets.

Photographer Julian Germain chronicles classrooms from around the world in his book Classroom Portraits, which features slack-faced students who would probably rather be sleeping or playing video games in countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cuba and England. The Taiwanese students in the above photo seem the most engaged, but that's probably because someone brought a dog to school.


How Children Learn: Portraits of Classrooms Around the World [Brain Pickings]

Image via Julian Germain

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