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Classmates Were Afraid of 'Hot for Teacher' Essayist

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Yesterday, we brought you the "Hot for Teacher" essays that got 56-year-old student Joseph Corlett banned from classes at Oakland University. Now we've talked to him and some former classmates, and the story is even weirder than we thought.


First of all, Corlett has asked me to clarify that he did not transcribe a note from his ("hot") professor Pamela Mitzelfeld into his journal. Rather, he "made it up." For reference, here's the note in full:

Dear Joseph:

While your writing is fair, it is completely inappropriate. I have broken your rule and torn out the offending pages. If this continues, I am obligated to report this you to the Dean, otherwise I will consider the matter closed.


Mrs. Mitzelfeld

When I asked Corlett why he chose to make up a note calling his work inappropriate and threatening to report him to the Dean (which Mitzelfeld in fact later did), he said, "who knows?" When pressed, he said he was "a creative writer" and that he was "just riffing." Nonetheless, the note implies he was aware that his writing might be offensive, and that there could be consequences.


Despite this, Corlett swears that Prof. Mitzelfeld gave no indication she had any problem with his essays until he was suddenly banned from class. He says he got As on other assignments with sexual content, and that Mitzelfeld even praised them. He says he has no idea what made her change her opinion of him. I've contacted Mitzelfeld for comments on this, but haven't yet gotten a response.

Corlett also told me that he took a women's history class last year, and befriended three young women who repeatedly invited him to join their study group. Two former classmates, however, have less fond memories. Both asked not to be named because they said they were afraid of Corlett. One reported having "dealt with Mr. Corlett on many occasions" and said "he truly is a threatening man." The other wrote,

It is not easy to intimidate me and I have met my fair share of creepy people on campus. I have never reported anyone I have encountered on campus or on an outside assignment. Except for this man. There were times when I was afraid to leave my office in order to go to the bathroom. I would succumb, but look both directions before crossing a narrow stretch of hallway. After each encounter with this person, I would breathe deeply and need to calm myself down because I was shaking so much — all the while steeling myself for the next visit, which I knew would come minutes later. Because I was a student leader with an interest in treating all fairly, I allowed this to go on until the encounters reached a tipping point. I suspect that is what [Prof. Mitzelfeld] felt like.

When I asked Corlett why people might be afraid of him, he said "I have no idea." He said he'd never threatened fellow students and, "I've never intimidated anybody." He provided me with his essay "The Story the Oakland Post Does Not Want You To Read," which is a defense of the right to carry handguns on the Oakland University campus, but he said he never carried a gun to school. He did tell me, though, that when students were asked to introduce themselves at the beginning of his writing class, he introduced himself as a licensed gun carrier. This may have freaked some people out. Whether Corlett is, as he claims, an innocent 2nd-Amendment defender or, as others allege, a scary and threatening guy, one thing is clear — his problems with his college are as much about guns as they are about sex.

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Lucky Frog

The story in the Oakland Post has Corlett himself and people who know him duking it out in the comments section. The following gem is reposted without commentary.


Bottom line. You ARE the creepy guy everyone makes you out to be. Even your family, I being a part of that, agrees. Do you recall family reunions where you repeatedly made sexual comments to your underage cousins and nieces? When you yourself were in your 40′s? Or how about when you decided to make a sand sculpture of a naked woman on a family beach with TONS of kids around? How about the year we came to your house and you offered to show underage male relatives the "Girls Gone Wild" DVDs? Or how about many of us refusing to attend these family functions SIMPLY because you will be there? Do you not care at all that now, not only are you a patheitc excuse for a human being and man, but now you are a social outcast whose family doesn’t even back you up? Poor poor wife of yours (whom I’ve pitied for a long time) to have to stick by you through this. Your exploits and hints at your creepy sex life have started plenty of gossip fests. I am sorry to have been a part of them because I now know the sick joy you get from it. Just so you now, your invites to our functions were out of social niceness only. We really don’t want you around because you are the embarassment of the family. If I knew for sure you wouldn’t come after me as you have others, I would gladly testify against you. Maybe a day or 2 in a jail cell with other bigger, stronger, meaner perverts would do you some good.

Embarassed to say I’m related