Jasmine Tridevil, the 21 year old who made headlines last summer after claiming to have had a third breast surgically implanted on her chest, would like you to know that she's still around and still pumping that third tit.

Months after a supposedly feminist news outlet questioned the veracity of the implant, Tridevil has spoken out, saying that her breasts are real and they're spectacular.

"'I know my breasts are real and I do not care what anybody thinks," she told Barcroft TV, adding, "Getting a third breast was not always my plan. I just had the idea two years ago."

And what an idea it was!

Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan.

"If I go to a park where there are children, parents will give me dirty looks, but if I go to a bar it seems like everybody loves it," Tridevil says.



Images via Facebook.