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Clap And Gown

Illustration for article titled Clap And Gown

[Cockermouth, U.K., March 24. Image via Getty]

COCKERMOUTH, ENGLAND - MARCH 24: Bride to be Vicki Blaney tries on a wedding dress for size at I Do Bridal Designs in Cockermouth High Street on March 24, 2010 in Cockermouth, England. The shop was one of the many businesses hit by devastating floods in November but is now flourishing as the Cumbrian town was officially opened again for business by its Mayor. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)


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Anybody planning NOT to wear white on their wedding day? Or past-tense?

It's so iconic, and admittedly beautiful, however I can't help but be reminded of the whole "purity" thing. In the words of Miranda Hobbs: "The jig is up!"

I don't want to wear white, but I also don't want to look back on the photos and have them look like prom pictures or something.