Haute Couture Week barrels on in Paris, where this morning Karl Lagerfeld showed his fall/winter collection for Chanel.

This collection's theme was "Le Corbusier goes to Versailles," which, while perhaps more highbrow of a concept than his last couture show (formal gymwear), contains the same sort of compelling antithesis. "It's like modern sculpture, in modern materials, but with baroque elements," Lagerfeld said backstage after the show.

The idea of opulent minimalism may seem like an oxymoron, but it yielded some beautiful dresses (and some horrible ones): this collection contains the expected tweeds and plaids, but more pared down, recalling Le Corbusier in silhouette and structure. In terms of the evening wear, the minimalistic influence was much more apparent — a series of absolutely breathtaking neutral-toned dresses embellished intricately but tailored crisply and with restraint. Things I was Not Into: the ubiquitous formal bike shorts; the sandals; those goddamn little hats that clung to the back of the models' heads.

Also, Kendall Jenner was there, which I am contractually obligated to mention. In addition, Ashleigh Good, who is 7 months pregnant, closed the show on Lagerfeld's arm. "Undoubtedly, Good's lap around the Grand Palais in a gilded white empire-neck gown was a celebration of female power, strength, and overall womanliness— not to mention a push for new body image acceptance," says Style.com. Which, lol, probably not.

Anyway, here's the collection:

A closer look at the hats from hell:

And the shoes:

The atmosphere:


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