What would a 90s revival be without a liberal dose of Calvin Klein minimalism? Francisco Costa has claimed this line was based on CK's famed spring 1994 collection - and the influence is obvious. So is the rumpling.

Calling Peter Gabriel. That is all.

The nightgown is back. Can the slipdress be far behind?

This organic texturing is one of the more engaging elements of the collection.


We would've gotten the "Japanese" reference without the geta-like footwear.


There was a lot done with crinkling. Would Francisco be offended to know I was reminded of my mom's Eileen Fisher phase?

I'm going to go with, "yes."


Spring '94 was the collection that introduced Kate Moss. Back then this would have been layered with about 20 androgynous tees.

The slight refinements of cut elevate its simplicity. Well, almost.

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