Circus Tries to Pass Chow Puppies Off as Pandas

An Italian circus has been busted for passing off chow chow puppies—dyed black and white—as pandas. Via UPI, we hear that they were charging children to take pictures with the creatures, who, being chow chow puppies and tremendously adorable, are not pandas, even if you dye them black and white.

That's according to the Local. The animals were seized by Italy's environmental police, who reported they'd been imported from Hungary and were healthy except for their watery eyes, "probably aggravated by the continuous exposure to camera flashes." The owner faces animal abuse charges. But, you know, they're not the LEAST convincing pandas:


According to the cops who spoke to UPI, anybody who started asking awkward questions was told they were panda-dog hybrids. Sure. Seems legit.

Images via Shutterstock, Liliya Kulianionak and Hung Chung Chih.

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