Cindy Crawford Will Outlive, Out-Age Us All

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  • Scientists studying over 900 sets of female twins claim that people with moles are "younger biologically" and could be at lower risk of diseases like heart disease or osteoporosis. [DailyMail]
  • Police in the UK are cracking down on female genital mutilation among African immigrants by offering a reward of almost $40,000 for information on those who engage in the atrocity . [BBC]
  • All breast cancer charities are not created equal, particularly The Susan G. Komen Foundation, which, in addition to funding research, takes money from the corporate behemoths that help create the chemicals that likely cause the disease in the first place. [Feministing]
  • A survey of Australian men and women has found that most believe that "nice" rapists should get more lenient sentences than others. [The F Word]

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Don't you know anything? A nice rapist

- stands when a lady enters the room (then rapes her)

- brings flowers for the victim, and extra flowers for her mother

- opens the trunk door for a lady

- tips his ski mask to a lady

- wears a condom

- doesn't drive off til she's safely indoors (or makes it to a blue phone)