Last night, nice guy fashion designer John Varvatos and Converse teamed up to put on a shopping fundraiser for Los Angeles' Stuart House, a branch of UCLA's Rape Treatment Center. And Cindy Crawford and her family came! Seriously, does this woman age? Also: could she and her kids look any more adorable? Alas, compared to the Crawford-Gerber clan, the other attendees' style was sorely lacking: Joely Fisher and Phoebe Price looked awful and Julie Moran committed the cardinal sin of dressing her children in matching outfits. The full Good, Bad and Ugly, after the jump.

The Good:

Cindy, Rande, Presley and Kaia: Disgustingly perfect (looking) family.

When is Elisabeth Rohm going to pop that baby out already?


Aw, John and Joyce Varvatos don't look like a fashion designer and his wife, they look like they could belong to my shul.

The Bad:


Angie Harmon is lost in this nude column of a shift.

You know how Cindy Crawford looks dressed up even though she's in jeans? Melina Kanakaredes doesn't.


Welcome, Julie Moran, to my shit list: Do not dress your daughters in matching outfits.


Danielle Panabaker: 21 going on 41 in a "casual separates" combo like this.

Dear Heather Thomas: You scare me.

The Ugly:


Joely Fisher ought be charged with crimes against womanity for this outfit.

Phoebe Price came dressed as an extra from Plan 9 From Outer Space.

[Images via Bauer-Griffin.]