Cindy Crawford On Feminism, Modeling

Cindy Crawford: "I think the girls that are models now, that's just their body. Did fashion celebrate thinness more? That's a different question. And you can't fault the models for that." But what about eating disorders?

"I think an eating disorder is way more than a girl looking at a magazine and seeing a picture of a skinny model. I think maybe that's one tiny piece of the puzzle, but I think it's a lot more about self-esteem."


When asked if she considers herself a feminist, Crawford says, "I guess, in some ways. But I also feel like people in my generation, we didn't — I didn't grow up thinking I had to prove I was equal with boys, I just assumed I was. Because of feminists before me. I never felt like I had to do that. Do I feel like women should earn the same amount as men, for the same jobs? Absolutely."

Question Time: Cindy Crawford [Guardian]

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