Cigarette Butts

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New York Times reporter Yonette Jones got annoyed being subjected to near-pornographic images front-and-center at NYC newsstands despite ordinances that prohibit the display of graphic nudity. So, she started asking questions — of the vendors, of the city, and of the cops. Eventually, one of the stands was shuttered and the other was forced to sticker-over the prominently-displayed nearly-nude backside of one of the models... with a cigarette ad. That's less offensive than sexualized women with your coffee, right? [NY Times]

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Vivelafat is the Quizatez Haderach

Whatevs. I lived in Germany for five years. No amount of nudity offends me. There was a huge building size billboard for United Colors of Beneton that featured two horses fucking, that was it. Just two giant horses on a building fucking and then a tiny United Colors logo at the bottom.

I don't understand why we are SO freaking uptight about nudity and sex. IT'S JUST SEX. Guess what, if your kid wants to see porn they will find a way. I remember watching the scrambled playboy channel when I was 10 and thinking it was the SHIT!